Enrollment Related Information

Can new students defer enrollment? Current students take a leave of absence?

New students should work with Admissions (international students should work with Reon Sines-Scheaff) to discuss options for deferring enrollment. Returning students should contact the Dean of Students Office at dos@wooster.edu to file a formal leave of absence. 

If I defer enrollment will I still get to keep my scholarship?

Yes, but your financial aid package may be adjusted to reflect any changes in comprehensive fees when you decide to return to campus. The financial aid office will need to revise your cost of attendance and to determine if any adjustments to other need-based aid would be in order. Please contact financial aid at finaid@wooster.edu.

When do I have to let the College know that I plan to enroll in the fall semester or take time off?

While we look forward to welcoming students back to campus we understand that many will need to take time off for a variety of health, travel and visa concerns. We ask that you inform the appropriate office of your intent to take a leave of absence or defer enrollment as soon as possible before the start of the semester to aid in our planning.

I am an international student and if I cannot make it to campus in August can I come later in the fall? 

International students will not be able to start classes remotely and then come to campus in late fall. International students who start classes remotely will need to plan on fall being remote and then come to campus for the start of Spring semester. USCIS requires students to be activated in SEVIS within 30 days of the start of the semester and ISS is required to note whether the students are studying remotely or on campus.

If a student gets COVID-19 and misses classes, how will you deal with tuition insurance?

If a student is ill, we can accommodate by providing remote instruction or provide assignments electronically. If a student for any reason becomes ill and needs to withdraw the insurance plan covers that.

What’s the deadline for students to decide if they will be remote learning?

We ask that students inform us of their intentions to return to campus or study remotely by July 6, using the following form. 

If I study remotely will my financial aid remain the same?

Students who chose to study remotely will continue to receive their merit scholarships (e.g., Deans, College Scholar, Allen, International, Alumni).  Since you will not have the added charge of room and board, the financial aid office will need to revise your cost of attendance and to determine if any adjustments to other need-based aid would be in order. International students who choose to study remotely will have the charge for Lewermark Insurance removed for the semester.