Other FAQ's

If I am unable to alter my travel plans to accommodate the updated move-in times what do I do?

We know that changing students’ arrival time so close to the start of the semester means a disruption in travel plans for many students and families.  We apologize for this inconvenience, and we will work with students and families to minimize the difficulties and make move-in as smooth as possible.  If any sophomore, junior or senior is unable to change their existing move-in appointment either because of difficulties arranging travel, concerns about flights, or for IS or other needs, they may file an appeal with the Dean of Students’ Office using this form.

We do have emergency funds available for students who may need them, for any reason. Here is the link to apply, and you can also contact dos@wooster.edu with any questions about emergency funds. 

Will tuition, housing and dining, and other required fees be altered as a result of the modified calendar?

Students who engage in the fall semester remotely will not be charged housing and meal fees.

The change in the academic calendar does not affect room and board rates for those returning to campus.

A typical Wooster semester is 14 weeks of instruction plus one week of finals. With the elimination of October break, the fall 2020 semester will consist of 14 weeks of instruction (2 weeks remote instruction from August 19 to September 5) and one week of remote finals, November 30 to December 4.

Will room and board charges be reduced for students who are moving in later in the semester?

Room and board charges will be reduced based on the timing of students’ arrival on campus.

  • Students arriving between 8/19 and 8/26 will receive a rebate of $450 credited to their student account.
  • Students arriving between 8/26 and 9/2 will receive a rebate of $900 credited to their student account.

If I participate remotely for all of fall semester, will tuition be reduced?

Tuition remains the same regardless of whether a student is able to join us on campus or engages with their learning remotely. Tuition ensures we are able to continue to provide classes, mentoring, advising, and other services no matter where students are located.

We expect that some students may choose or need to study from a distance this fall due to travel restrictions and health related concerns.

Our planning prioritizes this flexibility, so that that teaching, learning, and mentoring work well for each individual, including those on campus as well as those who are working or learning from afar.

If I study remotely will my financial aid remain the same?

Students who chose to study remotely will continue to receive their merit scholarships (e.g, Deans, College Scholar, Allen, International, Alumni).  Since you will not have the added charge of room and board, the financial aid office will need to revise your cost of attendance and to determine if any adjustments to other need-based aid would be in order.

Do I need to pay late fees for fall semester?

In an effort to assist students and families during this difficult time, the College has decided to waive all late fees for the fall semester.  However, we continue to encourage students to submit payment for the fall semester prior to the start of classes.  If you have any questions please contact the Office of Student Accounts at businessoffice@wooster.edu.

Will there be a place to take remote classes other than my dorm room?

Yes, the libraries will be open as well as favorite common spaces across campus for students to study and participate in remote classes.

Can students stay after Thanksgiving?

Students who fall under the following specific categories will be able to petition to stay on campus after Thanksgiving:

  • Independent students who do not have a family home to go to, and students whose personal safety would be compromised if they went to their place of residence.
  • Health-related concerns/documented accommodations that make travel difficult (e.g., the student already is immunocompromised and unnecessary exposure via airline travel would be more dangerous).
  • International students who need to stay in the US through the year

What if the virus comes back, will we have to leave campus again?

As we all know, the public health situation can change, and so it is always possible that a resurgence of the virus could require a shift in the ways we work, or a pause in on-campus learning like we had this spring. We have built flexibility into our plans in case that were to be necessary. However, indicators in Ohio are currently good, with more than 14-days of decreasing COVID-19 cases, health systems with plenty of capacity, rapidly increasing testing capacity, and strong public health leadership.

As the College plans for the coming year, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have worked to bring the best public health expertise to bear, to enable students to live and learn on-campus and in person as much as is safely possible.

Can the Bookstore send my books to me or help me order e-Books?

For any books you order from Wilson Bookstore, we will send out to the student at whichever address they input in their order. Additionally, if you are comfortable with ebooks, a good number of our textbooks are available via that format and you can find those as either “WOOSTER E-TEXTS” or “Vitalsource ebook” within the class selection. Those have the advantage of being immediately available to students as soon as the transaction is complete.

How will spaces be cleaned and sanitized?

Cleaning and sanitization of public and shared spaces will be increased, with a special emphasis on frequently contacted surfaces and shared restrooms. The cleaning protocols and products will be based on the guidance from the Centers for Disease control.

How will you enforce social distancing, face mask, and other guidelines?

Wooster is a tight knit learning community made up of people who deeply care for one another. Members of our community will be expected to comply with the guidelines, policies, and protocols put in place to ensure we can remain on campus and protect the health and safety of the entire Fighting Scots community. Doing so will ensure we protect ourselves as well as avoid further transmission of COVID-19. We will require every member of our student body, staff, and faculty to commit to a collective effort to protect the overall well-being of our campus and of one another.

Will there be campus work and work study opportunities for on-campus and remote students this fall?

Yes. Work and work-study opportunities will be available. In all cases, students will need to maintain social distancing while working, and some jobs will be remote.

We know that this is a very difficult time for many students and families, and we want you to be able to continue your Wooster education. If new financial burdens are making it hard for you to return this fall, we can help. Please contact our financial aid office at financialaid@wooster.edu.