Travel Guidelines for Students

Traveling Off-Campus

As in-person classes begin, we will continue to robustly test, identify and isolate any cases of asymptomatic infection, and quarantine close contacts in order to maintain a healthy community on campus.

As part of the Community Care Agreement, students agreed to “Abide by any additional expectations for campus life that the College will provide over time, based on evolving public health guidance.”

Because the Wayne County Public Health Advisory level has increased to red [link Sarah’s email], off campus trips are not permitted except for essential tasks. The College has defined the following circumstances as essential: Medical (necessary appointments and medications), Employment, Grocery (pick-up only). Students will be permitted to leave campus to attend to these items and return to campus immediately.

Due to the public health emergency, students are not permitted to leave campus overnight at this time. Part of the College's academic calendar planning does not include mid-semester breaks so that students are not leaving for overnight trips and coming to and from campus in order to minimize virus spread. Any exemption to leave campus must be approved through the Dean of Students’ Office by completing the following request form. Any student approved to leave campus must be tested upon return and will not be allowed to attend any in-person classes or events until their test results are returned. Approved students will receive instructions on how to receive meals during this time.

Closing Dates

The Residence Halls and Houses will be closing for the fall term on Wednesday, November 25 at 10 a.m.

If you need to stay after this time you will need to apply to remain on campus. Students who fall under the following specific categories will be able to petition to stay on campus after Thanksgiving:

  • Independent students who do not have a family home to go to.
  • Students whose personal safety would be compromised if they went to their place of residence.
  • Health-related concerns/documented accommodations that make travel difficult (e.g., the student already is immunocompromised and unnecessary exposure via airline travel would be more dangerous).
  • International students who need to stay in the U.S. through the year

When a decision is made about Winter Sports, athletes who need to remain on campus for this timeframe will be given additional information.

Exit Plan

While we are putting precautions in place for a safe fall semester, there is a chance that we may need to ask students to leave campus at some point if health conditions worsen. We would encourage all students to think about a plan on how to leave campus with all of their belongings, if necessary.

Students will need to apply to stay on campus, using the criteria above, if we need to make such a decision.