Fourth Weekly Campus Public Health Update

Dear Students, Families and Colleagues,

I write today with our fourth weekly public health update.   This week we have some good news on both the campus and community fronts.  All 259 test results received since last Thursday have been negative.  In addition, our county public health advisory level has been lowered back to level 2, down from level 3.

Students, staff and faculty have worked very hard to ensure that our campus and community stay safe.  Thank you all for your excellent work, which is making a tremendous positive impact.

While we are currently in a good position, we know that the only way to maintain the safety of our community, and for students to live and learn on campus, is to stay extremely diligent in preventing the spread of COVID-19.   We have all seen news of colleges and universities who have had outbreaks.  In some cases, most students have had to leave campus.  This virus moves quickly and is very easily transmitted, and everyone’s daily actions – especially masking and social distancing– matter tremendously.

We have carefully discussed our campus operations with the Wayne County Health Commissioner.  He continues to recommend that we proceed with our operations as planned, with careful adherence to masking and social distancing in every setting, and gatherings limited to no more than 10 individuals. 

Last week, as the county was at a level 3 public health advisory, we extended, for one week, the requirement that students stay on campus unless they had an exception for a critical need.  With the change of advisory level, we will allow some more flexibility for students going into the local community starting tomorrow, with careful precautions.  Travel beyond Wooster, overnight travel, and travel to any event at which more than 20 people are expected are still not permitted except under exceptional circumstances.  Students who wish to apply for an exception should contact the Dean of Students’ office.  The Dean’s office will share more specific information with students tomorrow.   For everyone – students, staff and faculty – it is crucial to wear a mask and maintain distance, whether you are on or off campus. 

We are continuing to work on additional possibilities for health monitoring, and will share information for the community soon on those as well as on preparing for flu season.  We know that timely flu vaccination for students, staff and faculty will be more important this year than ever, and are developing plans accordingly.

My thanks to all of you for your exemplary dedication to Wooster’s community and mission.

With best regards,

Sarah Bolton