Fifth Weekly Campus Public Health Update

Dear Students, Colleagues and Families,

I hope you are well.  I write with our 5th weekly update on campus public health.  This week we continue to hold steady in a good position, thanks to the tremendous work of many people across the College.  We have no new positive test results, and Wayne County continues to be at level 2 on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System, as it was last week.  Our dashboard, which is updated weekly, contains details on testing, preparedness, and the local situation.  

We continue to work closely with our local public health authorities, who are pleased with the position of the College and are not recommending any changes to our current policies or plans. 

We all know that our current positive situation is only possible because of focus and hard work.   It is terrific to be learning and working together on campus.  For that to continue, every person’s attention and diligence is necessary, both when on campus and when away from it; we cannot let down our guard against COVID-19.  The simple things - wearing masks, keeping a distance of at least six feet, and washing hands frequently – make a huge difference, so long as we do them consistently.  My thanks to each of you for your efforts to ensure that all stay safe.

With best regards,

Sarah Bolton