The College of Wooster Honors Retirees and Employees

Twelve retirees among staff members and administrators recognized

May 23, 2012 by John Finn

WOOSTER, Ohio — If you add up the employment tenure of those retiring from The College of Wooster this year, you come up with nearly three centuries of dedicated service. Those retirees, along with employees celebrating landmark anniversaries, were honored at the annual recognition luncheon on Tuesday in Lowry Center.

Gary Thompson of the human resources department, who began his career at Wooster in 1972, was the longest-serving retiree with 40 years. He was followed closely by Kathy Jerisek of the campus bookstore (39 years), Marie Tarleton of custodial services (33 years), Carol Stewart of the nursery school (31 years), Shirley Foltz of custodial services (27 years), Rose Barbera of campus dining (25 years), Diane Lash of physical education/athletics (22 years), Bob Rodda of student activities (21 years), Joshua Fife of custodial services (14 years), Gerald Patterson of the chemistry department (12 years), Connie Alexander of campus dining (11 years), and Alan Conrad of campus dining (10 years).

In addition to the retirees, 80 employees were recognized for various milestones, beginning with Laura Luhring, a member of the Wellness Center staff, who was honored for 40 years of service, Madison Chastain, of the campus dining staff, who was feted for 35 years of service, and Fred Horst (maintenance operations), Carol Kobylanski (custodial services), Tom Love (physical education/athletics), Tim Pettorini (physical education/athletics), and Kitty Zurko (art museum), who each were recognized for 30 years.

Those honored for 25 years of service were Donna Casey (custodial services), Betty Conner (business office), Susan Dunlap (libraries), Sheila Ellis (custodial services), Mike Gorrell (post office), Day Logan (libraries), Gail Miller (custodial services), Pam Rose (learning center), and Allen Shaner (maintenance operations). They were joined by 20-year employees David ‘Geordie’ Brown (physical education/athletics), Graham Ford (physical education/athletics), Sharon Howard (campus dining), Tom Lockard (maintenance operations), and Susan Remark (maintenance operations); and 15-year veterans, Doug Cline (physical education/athletics), Tabitha Conwell (applications development), Timothy Covert (custodial services), Barbara Flickinger (campus dining), Michael Hutson (security and protective services), Lisa Kastor (career services), Joe Kirk (security and protective services), Majel Lentz (campus dining), Tony McNeil (custodial services), and Mike Schmitz (physical education/athletics).

Those honored for 10 years of service were Michael Bonadio (campus dining), Jeanette Closson (campus dining), Roger Dills (digital infrastructure), Brenda Feikert (human resources), Catherine Finks (admissions), Carly Jones (residential life and housing), Richard Keyes (campus dining), Robyn Laditka (dean of students), Krystal McKinney (campus dining), Kim Parr (human resources), Angel Reyes-Gomez (campus dining), Lorie Stimpert (bookstore), Larry Swartzentruber (campus dining), Randolph Thomas (campus dining), Joanne Turner (campus dining), Ericka Vizzo (alumni relations), Robin Welty (publications), and Darla Williamson (campus dining).

Marking their fifth year at the College were Christie Kracker (dean of students), Tammy Bowman (alumni relations), Terri Brigham (business office), Kevin Cooper (security and protective services), Christy Durham (campus dining), Theresa Ford (educational assessment), Kim Hileman (custodial services), Susan Hollin (post office), William Hootman (maintenance operations), Mitch Lietzke (campus grounds), William Marshall (campus dining), Jeffrey Mori (facilities management and planning), Michael Naylor (digital infrastructure), Michael Nienaber (security and protective services), Denise Palombi (campus dining), Shawne Payson (custodial services), Ashley Reid (physical education), Cynthia Rundles (campus dining), Molly Sanchez (campus dining), and Judy Sillman (campus dining).

Part-time employees marking milestones this year included 20-year veterans Barbara Brooks, a member of the music department staff, and Joyce Carter of the campus dining staff, and 15-year employees Jon Fowler (campus dining) and Keith Shearer (golf operations). Rounding out the list of part-time honorees were Laurie Beam (wellness center), William Brown (transportation), and John Crouch (transportation) — each with 10 years — and Jennifer Derksen (writing center), Billy Harper (golf operations), and Leann Thelin (writing center) — each with five years.