Taylor Lamborn

Taylor Lamborn, a 2011 Wooster graduate, will perform at Cleveland's House of Blues in January.


Taylor Lamborn Makes ‘Swift’ Ascent in the World of Music

Talented singer/songwriter switches career paths; will play at Cleveland’s House of Blues

November 2, 2012 by John Finn

WOOSTER, Ohio — No one is confusing Taylor Lamborn with Taylor Swift — at least not yet — but the talented musician is on an impressive ascent in the world of music.

A 2011 graduate of The College of Wooster, where she majored in art and communication studies, Lamborn landed a plum job as director of marketing with ABSMaterials in Wooster after serving as an intern and a part-time employee while still in college. But, after nine months, she decided to follow her heart and pursue her passion for music.

“I’ve always sung in choirs in high school and with (the a capella group) COWBelles at Wooster,” says Lamborn, who describes her music as pop-folk with elements funk and soul. “I’ve fiddled a lot with the guitar, too, and played at various venues on campus during my four years at the College.”

Lamborn has covered a variety of songs, everything from “House of the Rising Sun” to “Call Me Maybe,” but most of her music is original. In fact, she says she comes up with a new idea for a song just about every day. She credits Jack Gallagher, professor of music at Wooster for helping her develop new skills in the fundamentals of music class she took with him as a first-year student at Wooster. “He was great,” she says. “He helped me learn all the basics about chord structure and theory using the piano, and I’ve since been able to translate that to my guitar.”

After giving in to what she kiddingly refers to as her “quarter-life crisis” and leaving ABSMaterials in February, Lamborn has released a CD with 11 original compositions. She has also traveled extensively, sharing her music with audiences in Canada, California, Maryland and elsewhere during a 10,000-mile journey. In addition, she has appeared regularly in Wooster, with gigs at Market Street Grill, Best Western Hotel, Muddy Waters, SoMar, Montavino, and the Olde Jaol.

During that period, she has connected with a number of area musicians, including Jake Briggs, a graduate of Northwestern High School and The College of Wooster. “I’ve really gown as an artist over the last six or seven months,” says Lamborn. “I have a better handle of who I am as a musician, and I hope I can dictate that more clearly through my future albums and performances.”

In January, she will play at Cleveland’s House of Blues in a showcase event for Warner Brothers. “It is an opportunity to get noticed,” she says. “There are no guarantees, but I’m excited about it.”

Fans of Lamborn are confident that she will succeed because of her passion. “Those who’ve watched me perform say they can see that in me,” she says. “I’m not doing this to get rich or famous. I just want to make good music. There’s no greater thrill than sharing something you’ve created and are passionate about.”