"The Human Genome Gets Personal" at the Year's Final Science Cafe

Dr. William Morgan will lead discussion of the possibilities

8 November, 2013 by John Hopkins

WOOSTER, Ohio, Nov. 8, 2013 - Dr. William Morgan, professor of biology at The College of Wooster, will wrap up this fall’s Science Café series on Thursday, Nov. 21, at 7 p.m., at the First Amendment Public House, 150 W. Liberty St., in Wooster. The evening’s topic is “The Human Genome Gets Personal.” 

The human genome is like an immense cookbook, filled with all the recipes needed to make a human being, but each individual’s personal copy of that cookbook is different. As science’s ability to read each individual copy becomes more sophisticated, it holds the promise of providing insights into a host of personal health issues, from the prospects of developing a particular disease to likely responses to therapeutic drugs. Morgan will provide a brief introduction to the topic and then facilitate a discussion.

Science cafes are grassroots events that have sprung up all over the world, bringing together scientists and non-scientists in casual settings for lively, engaging conversation on scientific topics of interest. Wooster’s inaugural science café is co-sponsored by The College of Wooster and the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center of The Ohio State University.