Rebecca Traisman, Class of 2014

It's I.S. Monday 2014!

Seniors celebrate the quintessential Wooster milestone

25 March, 2014 by John Hopkins

WOOSTER, Ohio – A Labrador retriever in a red vest (one of the service dogs in training on campus, not a student in costume) sat quietly by the side of the I.S. Monday parade route, watching the tide of howling, leaping, laughing humanity roll by. If this was a final test of her ability to remain calm and focused on the job, she passed with flying colors.

The same could not be said of the hundreds of Wooster seniors who celebrated the completion of their yearlong, mentored research projects on Monday. Calm was not the default demeanor. They began gathering in the Oak Grove and on the north steps of Kauke Hall around 4:30 p.m. One student waved an American flag back and forth, and in between increasingly raucous cheers and chants of "Let's go, Scots" the crowd belted out an enthusiastic rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner."

Just past five, the Scot pipers and drummers roared to life and the parade began, through Kauke Arch and down the campus mall between rows of cheering fellow students, faculty, and staff. Hank Kreuzman, dean for curriculum and academic engagement, and Registrar Suzanne Bates, dressed in full MacLeod regalia and full Tootsie Roll costume, respectively, led the way, followed by the pipe band. Behind them, four students carried a banner that read "Don't Give Up the Ship," a fitting expression of the perseverance and focus that got them all to this day.

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Among the marchers were a giraffe, a mouse, a spaceman, and Supergirl. Two young women wore MacLeod tartan from head to toe, while one young man appeared to have been sufficiently distracted while dressing to forget his pants. Thankfully, he had remembered his jock strap.

One group of friends marched behind the flag of Finland. When campus photographer Matt Dilyard asked why, they let him in on the secret:

"It means today we are all Finnish!"