Horst tutoring child at Boys and Girls Club

Trevor Horst (right), a junior chemistry major at The College of Wooster, tutors a young student at the new Boys & Girls Club of Wooster.


Science Whiz Helps Others Understand Complicated Subject Matter

Junior chemistry major Trevor Horst enjoys tutoring students of all ages

13 November, 2014 by John Finn

WOOSTER, Ohio, — When it comes to science, Trevor Horst is somewhat of a whiz kid. A chemistry major from nearby Orrville, Horst carries a 3.6 grade point average and not only revels in the subject matter, but also enjoys sharing it with others.

"I really like helping other people learn," says Horst, who someday plans to teach at the college level. "It is fun to go through the material again and help others understand it."

That's why the affable junior spends much of his free time tutoring fellow students — four hours a week at APEX (Wooster's Advising, Planning and Experiential Learning Center in Andrews Library) and two hours at a group session in the chemistry department's Severance Hall. "Last semester I helped students with introductory chemistry," he says. "This semester, I am working with them on organic chemistry."

But that's not the only group of students with whom Horst works. He also spends two hours a week at Edgewood Middle School in Wooster where a new chapter of the Boys & Girls Club has been established. "There is a heavy emphasis on helping students with their homework, so I work with a lot of them, mostly on math," he says. "Some of them are not all that motivated, so part of our job is to engage them so they will take an interest in their schoolwork."

Horst's involvement at the Boys & Girls Club is organized through a program house that is part of the Wooster Volunteer Network, and he acknowledges that his responsibility as a role model can have strong influence on these young students. "I thought it would be really cool to work with the younger kids," he says. "It's up to us to demonstrate the importance of learning and good study habits."

Such habits have never been a problem for Horst, who chose Wooster over several other schools, including Eastern Mennonite and Ohio Northern. "I really like the atmosphere and the professors at Wooster," says Horst, whose mother, Janet, is a longtime staff member at the campus's Longbrake Student Wellness Center. "I also wanted to stay close to home, so Wooster was the best fit for me. I'm really happy with my choice."

In addition to immersing himself in his studies, which include two 300-level chemistry courses this semester, Horst is active in several other activities on campus, most notably as a student employee at the fitness center and a statistician for the office of sports information.

Tutoring, however, is still at the top of his list. "It is very satisfying to be able to help others learn," he says, "especially when they are struggling to grasp it."