Guldin Boys

The "Guldin Boys," grandsons of the late David Guldin, former professor of sociology at The College of Wooster and the Scot basketball team's all-time leading rebounder, are (first row, from left) Henry Guerrera and Drew Fischer, along with (second row, from left) David Guldin, Jack Fischer, and Will Fischer. 


‘Guldin Boys’ Honor Legendary Grandfather with Presence at Scot Basketball Camp

Five of David Guldin’s grandsons gather for a week of instruction and competition at The College of Wooster

23 July, 2015 by John Finn

WOOSTER, Ohio — If there is one thing David Guldin’s grandsons know about their grandfather’s impressive basketball career at The College of Wooster, it is his place atop the list of career rebounding leaders (1,032 between 1961-1965).

Guldin, who died in 1991 at the age of 47 after a courageous battle with cancer, never had the opportunity to meet any of his eight grandchildren, but five of them were on campus last week as participants in Steve Moore’s Fighting Scot Basketball Camp, and each of them seemed to have a strong bond with him.

“We know that he was a really great guy, an excellent teacher, and a very talented player,” said Drew Fischer, son of Susan Guldin Fischer and the oldest of the grandchildren (a rising ninth grader at New Albany High School near Columbus). “He would love to have seen us all here at camp.”

Drew’s brother, Will, a rising seventh grader, affirmed that sentiment, adding, “Mom says he was a very good person and that everyone was really sad when he passed away.”

The youngest and most talkative of the Fischers, Jack, who is going into fourth grade, talked about how close the grandchildren are, something that would have made Grandpa exceedingly proud. “We get together four times a month,” he said. “We always have fun.”

Cousin Henry Guerrera, a rising fifth grader from Dublin (Ohio) and the son of Merry Guldin Guerrera, also felt a connection to Grandpa. “My Mom talks about him a lot,” he said. “We know that he holds the rebounding record and that he also loved to golf.”

The fifth member of the Guldin “team” is rising fourth-grader and namesake David Armstrong Guldin, who also knows a lot about his grandfather. “He graduated in 1965, and he was inducted into the [Wooster] Hall of Fame,” said David, son of Scott Guldin and a resident of Kansas City, Kansas. “He was also on the committee that hired Coach Moore.”

The five grandsons have more in common with their grandfather than his love for basketball. Each one is polite, thoughtful, bright, and considerate. They also seem to share their grandfather’s wry sense of humor, and they get along quite well together — except when it comes to their favorite NBA teams. Drew, Will, Jack, and Henry are diehard Cavs fans, but David is a staunch Bulls fan, not unlike his father. In fact, David points out that his father and grandfather would have to watch the game in separate rooms when the Cavs would play the Bulls.

As for the future, all five grandsons agree that they would think about Wooster as a place where they might further their education, but it will be years before they begin to consider that option. Until then, they are happy to be on the basketball court at a place where their grandfather’s exploits are still legendary, even 50 years later.

Grandpa Guldin would be beaming with pride if he could be with his grandson’s on the hardwood, but as far as the “Guldin Boys” are concerned, his spirit is always right there — inside each of them.