Department of Theatre and Dance to Present ‘The Crucible’ Oct. 27-29

Arthur Miller play to be staged in The College of Wooster’s Freedlander Theatre

24 October, 2016 by Sarah Stanley

WOOSTER, Ohio — The College of Wooster’s Department of Theatre and Dance will present Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” Oct. 27-29 in Freedlander Theatre (329 E. University St.). The production, which begins at 7:30 p.m. each evening, is $9 for general admission tickets and $6 for senior citizens, faculty, staff, and non-College of Wooster students (Wooster students are admitted free, but must pick up their complimentary ticket at the box office ahead of time).

Released in 1953, the play is a dramatized and partially fictionalized story of the Salem witch trials that took place in the Massachusetts Bay Colony during 1692-93. Miller wrote the play as an allegory of McCarthyism, when the U.S. government blacklisted accused communists. Miller himself was questioned by the House of Representatives' Committee on Un-American Activities in 1956 and convicted of contempt of Congress for refusing to identify others present at meetings he had attended.

“The decision to present this play at this time was intentional with the upcoming Presidential election being only days away from opening night,” according to director Shirley Huston-Findley, professor of theatre and dance. “Even though the play is not about the election, it parallels what was happening during the Salem witch trials and what is going on in our country today as the idea that fact and truth aren’t necessarily the same. Lies and half-truths can be very powerful tools and if people want to believe they can be easily persuaded. It’s important to see that history can repeat itself.”

The scenic designer for Wooster’s production of “The Crucible” is Shannan Burrows and the projection designer is Ji in Yoo (Joy). They will apply their experience to their Senior Independent Study projects (Wooster’s nationally acclaimed mentored undergraduate research program). Burrows is approaching the scenic designs of the play from a “feminist perspective to create a space in which the story told is non-realistic,” according to Huston-Findley. “She wants to treat the theatre as a theatre, letting the seams show and breaking down the illusion of reality, including Joy’s use of projections.”

The play also features junior George Marn and sophomore Emma Farrenkopf as John and Elizabeth Proctor, along with seniors Noah Hubbard (Rev. Samuel Parris), Savanah White (Mrs. Ann Putnam), Mary Beth Manack (Mercy Lewis), Alexie Pereyra (Rebecca Nurse), and Marisa Adame (assistant stage manager); juniors Cece Underwood (Betty Parris), Cam Friedman (John Willard), and Lindsay Fannin (stage manager); sophomores Hannah Smith (Susann Wallcott), Ben McKone (Thomas Putnam), and Mary Stehulak (Sarah Good); and first-years Chantelle Rhoden (Tituba), Tolly Colby (Abigail Williams), Taylor Wood (Mary Warren), Seth Green (Ben Bridgman), John Petersen (Francis Nurse), Dylan Cox (Judge Hathorne), Andre Baronov-Torres (Deputy-Governor Danforth), and Emilee McCubbins (Martha Corey). The costume designer is Charlene Gross, sound designer is Charles Findley, and lighting designer is Kent Sprague ‘14.

Additional information about the play is available by calling the box office (330-263-2241).