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New Play, Trouble Down South: Sex, Life, & Sweet Tea, to Be Staged at Wooster

April 17 performance is open to public, but intended for mature audiences

14 April, 2017 by Hugh Howard

WOOSTER, Ohio — The premier of a new play, called “Trouble Down South: Sex, Life, & Sweet Tea,” by Teatro Travieso (Troublemaker Theatre) will be presented at The College of Wooster on Monday, April 17. The performance, which will take place at Shoolroy Theatre (329 E. University St.) at 7 p.m., is free and open to the public, however, it is intended for mature audiences.

Written and performed by Janna Haywood ’14 and directed by Jimmy Noriega, assistant professor of theatre and Latin American studies at Wooster, “Trouble Down South” is an autobiographical one-woman piece that follows the protagonist’s journey through adolescence, in which she realizes she is nothing like the women around her. It explores sexuality, class, and being raised in a family where ladyness was close to godliness. She finds that there is no way to be herself and the southern belle that her family wants her to be.

Noriega describes the show as a “funny and daring look into what it means to be a young, gay woman from the South.”

This is the fourth production by Teatro Travieso, founded in 2012 by Noriega. The company works on the premise that theater can create positive change in the world. To date, the company’s productions have been staged in six countries and include the plays “Encuentro: Peru!!” (2012), “Women of Ciudad Juárez” (2014), and “Joto!: Confessions of a Mexican Outcast” (2016). The latter two productions are still on tour.

For more information, email jnoriega@wooster.edu.