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Fall Semester Schedule Set for 5th Annual Wooster Science Café

Location has moved this year to second floor of Spoon Market & Deli in downtown Wooster

14 August, 2017 by Hugh Howard

WOOSTER, Ohio – The Wooster Science Café – a series of presentations on current science topics of interest by scientists from northeast Ohio – will commence its fifth season Thursday, Aug. 31, at a new location this year, Spoon Market & Deli, 144 West Liberty Street, in Wooster. Each presentation, which is typically followed by lively, engaging conversation, begins at 7 p.m.

Katrina Cornish, a professor at The Ohio State University’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, will kickoff the 2017-18 series with “Why is Rubber Ohio’s ‘Gold’?: Dandelion as a New Rubber.” Cornish, whose work was featured in the Wall Street Journal earlier this year, is a leading U.S. scientific expert on alternative natural rubber production, properties and products, and on natural rubber biosynthesis.

On Oct. 5, Bryan Karazsia, dean for curriculum and academic engagement and associate professor of psychology at The College of Wooster, will present “Are Women More Satisfied With Their Bodies Than Ever Before?: Why the Answer Has Everything to Do With Diversity.” Karazsia will summarize empirical evidence that demonstrates how and why peoples’ experience with their bodies can change across time. This recent research has garnered national stories in Time and People magazines, the L.A. Times, USA Today, and others.

On Nov. 2, Matt Mariola, assistant professor of environmental studies, sociology, and anthropology at Wooster, will discuss “What Do We Mean by Agricultural Sustainability?: Reflections from Southern Chile.” Mariola’s current interest centers on the worldwide movement by small family farmers and peasant farming communities to transition away from industrialized, input-intensive, export-oriented agricultural practices and towards more ecological, low-input, and locally-oriented farm systems.

The fall semester schedule of the Science Café concludes Dec. 7, with a visit from Shauna Brummet, president/CEO of the BioHio Research Park and an adjunct professor in the department of animal science at Ohio State. She will present “A Peruvian Adventure: Alpacas and Their Quechua Shepherds.” Brummet is a molecular biologist by training and worked many years in the biotech, open innovation, and biomedical industries, and she raises alpacas as part of a farm business. She plans to talk about the unique animal that is known for its fine, luxurious fleece, the origin of the camelid family, and their interesting immune systems.

There will also be four presentations during the spring semester. Those are still being finalized and will be announced formally in January.

The Wooster Science Café is co-sponsored by The College of Wooster and The Ohio State University, and hosted by Spoon Market & Deli.