The Faculty Handbook gathers together essential information for members of the faculty.  Chapter 1, The Statute of Instruction is a contract between the Faculty and Board of Trustees and explains the duties and rights of the Faculty as defined and adopted by the Board of Trustees after consultation with Faculty.*  

The remaining Chapters serve primarily as a supplement to the College Catalogue and handbooks for students (The Scot’s Key) and all employees of the College (The Handbook of Selected College Policies).  It does not attempt to duplicate information provided there, so please consult those resources as well.

The Faculty Handbook is publicly available on the Academic Affairs website and is updated annually. Corrections and changes for future editions of the Faculty Handbook should be submitted to the Dean for Faculty Development.

*To avoid confusion with “Sections” in the Statute and “Sections” that make up the rest of the Handbook, each major portion of the Faculty Handbook is now identified as a “Chapter”.  These chapters have been reformatted and reorganized to make the material more accessible (8/17/2020).