Early Aid Estimator

We understand that families are often curious, and may be overwhelmed, when it comes to projecting college costs. Most colleges don’t make scholarship and financial aid offers until the winter or even spring of a student’s senior year. And the net price calculators now required on every school’s website are just that: simple, automated tools that only provide average costs. 

Wooster's aid estimator receives praise from The New York Times

We think there's a better way... Wooster's Early Aid Estimator.

We think there's a better way... Wooster's Early Aid Estimator is now available online for high school seniors planning to attend college in the fall of 2022. The estimator is for U.S. citizens only. International students may learn more about the international student financial aid process at the international student admissions webpage.

The estimator has two parts:

  • The information you provide in the first section about your high school record and accomplishments enables us to estimate your basic merit scholarship eligibility. You may submit the estimator at that point. Learn more about Wooster's merit scholarship opportunities, including those which require a special application and/or audition (and which are not part of the estimator process), on our merit scholarship page.
  • If you proceed to the need-based aid section and provide information about your family's finances, we can also estimate your eligibility for need-based aid (grants, student loans, and work-study) in addition to merit aid.

The estimator is designed to be completed in one session—you cannot save your work and return at a later date—so you may wish to review the preliminary worksheet.

to make sure you have all of the necessary information at hand before starting the estimator. When you are ready, proceed to Wooster's Early Aid Estimator.

The information you provide us will be evaluated carefully by individuals — our admissions and financial aid professionals — not an algorithm. We will mail you a personalized projected aid award, including both institutional grants and scholarship and funding from all government sources, within three weeks of receiving your completed estimator. The deadline to complete the Early Aid Estimator is November 1, 2021. We can process the estimator only once per individual.

Current high school seniors applying to Wooster should plan to complete the FAFSA beginning October 1, 2021. A good plan is to try to complete your aid application early, but no later than our suggested filing date of February 15, 2022.