Apply to Graduate & Professional School

Is Graduate or Professional School in Your Future?

Not all Wooster students jump right into the working world upon graduation. Every year approximately 20% of the graduating seniors enter a graduate program. However, within five years of graduation, over 50% of Wooster grads go on to pursue more education. Of those attending graduate school in the last three years, 94% were accepted into one of their top-choice schools. As you consider whether or not graduate or professional school is in your future, reach out to your faculty advisors and the advisors in Career Planning for guidance.

Selecting a graduate or professional school

Do your homework. Talk with the faculty in your discipline about potential programs. Prioritize your reasons for going and research programs that fit your goals. Some of the factors to consider are your personal/professional goals and interests, reputation of the program, location, size, and facilities.

Preparing applications

Your application is one of the most revealing indications of your motivation towards graduate study. Often times it also might be the first impression that the institution will receive of you. It is critical that you are attentive to details and deadlines.

Pre-professional planning

Wooster's pre-professional programs and services will help you prepare for the transition from undergraduate study to professional education in health, law, engineering, and architecture.

Graduate & Professional School Tool Kit

Most applications will require a resume, essay, test scores, and references. Career planning advisors are available to help you prepare your materials. Make an appointment. Call 330-263-2496. We are here to help coach you through the process.