Center for Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is fundamentally about solving problems whether they exist in society or in the marketplace.

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To empower students to make a positive impact on the world, the Center for Entrepreneurship offers a wide variety of programs and activities that support the entrepreneurial sprit of students from all majors. Any student with an interest in creating solutions, products or services can find opportunities to complement and enhance their professional development and academic experience.

Driven by the philosophy that great ideas have to be put into action, the Center offers resources such as support for student businesses, internship opportunities, and connections with international entrepreneurship activities. 


Courses and Internships

The Center Director teaches interdisciplinary courses related to entrepreneurship open to all students while two social entrepreneurship courses are offered through the Department of Business Economics.

All Are Welcome

The Center for Entrepreneurship welcomes any student interested in exploring entrepreneurship to enhance their Wooster experience. Contact us for more information or visit our offices in APEX.

Book A Virtual Meeting 

We welcome individual appointments, however, in order to maintain appropriate social distancing measures due to COVID-19 most appointments will be conducted virtually in Microsoft Teams. You may book your virtual meeting by using the links below:

Peter Abramo, Ph.D., Director of Entrepreneurship

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Marina Pannell, Assistant Director of Entrepreneurship

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