About Us

Mission Statement

The Center for Entrepreneurship helps students across all majors acquire the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to develop entrepreneurial traits they can apply to their professional careers, graduate school, volunteer pursuits or their own ventures. The pedagogical focus is the integration of the knowledge and skills derived from a liberal arts education with the practice of entrepreneurship to empower students to take ownership of solutions that create economic and social value.


Entrepreneurship began at The College of Wooster when it received grants from the Kauffman Foundation and the Burton D. Morgan Foundation in 2007 as part of the Northeast Ohio Collegiate Entrepreneurship Program that sought to understand how entrepreneurship could be integrated on liberal arts campuses. Five liberal arts schools received funding at this time to create pilot programs, with each taking a different approach. The College of Wooster initially created the Center for Creativity and Innovation, and then changed this to the Center for Entrepreneurship. Through the first five years two different Directors ran the program. In 2012, the College hired Peter Abramo, Ph.D. and he continues to serve as the third and current Director of the program. At the same time, the Director's office was placed into a newly designed area called APEX that houses Career Planning, Experiential Learning, and Advising. This relocation increased the visibility of the entrepreneurship program on campus and helped to further integrate it into the fabric of the collegiate experience for undergraduates.