Related Courses

Wooster offers three interdisciplinary courses related to entrepreneurship. These courses are open to all students at the College and attract a wide variety of majors. This coursework is outside of any particular department and does not count toward any specific major. Additionally, there are two social entrepreneurship courses offered in the Department of Business Economics that are taught by faculty outside of the Center.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Introduction to Entrepreneurship will provide students with an overview of entrepreneurship in today's world. The course will survey and explore the fundamental components of entrepreneurship and its connectedness to the skills and knowledge gained through a liberal arts education. With a focus on transforming ideas into enterprises that create value, this course will revolve around critical questions related to opportunity identification, personal traits, resource acquisition, business technique, and the societal impact of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship and Society

Entrepreneurship has an impact on local economies, social order, employment, the flow of money, the availability of services and products, and the health of a community. Entrepreneurship and Community Impact is a research-based course that uses primary qualitative research augmented with secondary research to examine the connection between entrepreneurship and society. Using the town of Wooster as a case study, students will develop an understanding of how entrepreneurs shape local communities and in turn how communities impact entrepreneurship.

Leadership in the Public and Private Sectors

A study of theories of leadership and their practical application with focus on accounts of leadership and entrepreneurship, past and present. Students will examine the backstories of entrepreneurs, learn about their motivations, challenges, and the processes they used to create successful new ventures.

Global Social Entrepreneurship

Recognized by the Institute of International Education for excellence, Global Social Entrepreneurship is a credit bearing seminar and field experience completed in Spring and Summer. Multidisciplinary student teams study and critique solutions to international social and economic challenges, such as poverty. The seminar is followed by a six-week summer field experience in India. To learn more about Global Social Entrepreneurship and how to apply, visit the Global Social Entrepreneurship Website.

Local Social Entrepreneurship

Local Social Entrepreneurship is an innovative seminar/internship that gives students hands-on consulting experience locally in Northeast Ohio. Seminar students learn how to construct a business plan, learn consulting skills, and team-building essentials. After the seminar, student teams apply what they have learned to assist local non-profit organizations. Students devise sustainable revenue-generating ventures that help further the non-profit mission. To learn more about Local Social Entrepreneurship and how to apply, visit the Social Entrepreneurship website.