Oak Grove

Campus Grounds

To Do List: April

  1. Landscape Spring clean-up - rake and remove leaves, twigs and other debris
  2. Edge landscape beds
  3. Mulch landscape beds - no thicker than 3"
  4. Seed bare spots in turf
  5. Aerate turfgrass areas
  6. Fertilize turf - always read the label
  7. Fertilize plant material - always read the label
  8. Apply pre-emergent weed controls to turf and landscape beds...Always Read the Label
  9. Mower maintenance – change oil, sharpen blades and make repairs as needed - Remember safety first.
  10. Plan for your upcoming landscape projects.
  11. Don't prune spring flower plants. Wait until the plant is finished blooming

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Our Mission

The mission of the campus grounds is to provide a safe and pleasant outdoor environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors through the maintenance of the campus grounds.

Grounds Crew is Honored with Prestigious PGMS Accreditation

The College of Wooster has received a Landscape Management and Operations Accreditation as awarded by the Professional Grounds Management Society (PGMS), it was announced by Walt Bonvell, a Certified Grounds Manager (CGM), past president of PGMS and senior grounds lead of Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Read more (.pdf).