An Tran

An Tran

Xin chao (hello), my name is An Tran, an international student from Vietnam at the College of Wooster. Asides from being a full-time college chemistry major, my favorite hobbies are drawing, painting, tasting all kinds of food and traveling. My passion for food and traveling was sparked even more intensely when I became a tour guide for a Japanese friend of mine during her visit to Vietnam. I got to proudly take her to amazingly delicious food shops, show her how diverse Vietnamese cuisine is and travel together to places rich in history, culture and lifestyles. Even though I can’t bring my whole country to everyone, I hope that I can introduce great food, culture, history and way of life in Vietnam to my audience so that everyone will have a better understanding and different view of this small yet amazing country.

So if you want to know what is so special about Vietnam besides pho, come sign up and explore what Vietnam has to offer!

Vietnamese Food as the Perfect Bonding Tool

For me, Vietnamese food is the most delicious cuisine not only because of its rich texture and exploding flavors but also because of the warmth that connects me with my friends, my family and strangers. So come and explore the different types of randomly picked Vietnamese dishes and how the bonding powers that they have on Vietnamese daily life.

My 7-day Journey Across Vietnam!

This is the story of my Japanese friend and my 7-day journey in Vietnam, our exhilarating experience and the beautiful wonders of my country through our eyes. Along with the unforgettable memories, this presentation will also examine the gradual loss of heritage and lack of meaningfulness due to the travelers’ negligence of understanding and supporting the historical and cultural values in Vietnam.

How Social Media Works its Magic on Vietnamese Coffee Culture.

Getting coffee is a big thing in Vietnam. From a rising trend, coffee became a distinctive culture. But coffee wouldn’t have been a thing if it hadn’t been for the powerful boost of social media. Want to know more about this coffee phenomenon? Come and hear more about the intertwining fate between Vietnamese coffee culture and social media, and how this relationship reflects Vietnamese youth as a whole.

The Ties Between Family Values and Gender Equality in Vietnam.

While other countries around the world are fighting ceaselessly to break down gender inequality, Vietnam is gradually falling behind in breaking down the barriers between the roles of men and women. In Vietnam, family, the core of Vietnamese values, is one of the factors that impede the fight for gender equality in this country? This presentation will examine how traditional customs revolving around family pose as challenges to recognizing and improving equal rights for young Vietnamese women.

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