Mika Yonaha

Mika Yonaha

Hello, my name is Mika Yonaha, and I am a current sophomore at the College of Wooster. I was born and lived whole my life in Tokyo, Japan. When I came the US for the first time, I had a huge culture shock. Food, languages, manners, and people... everything was different and new for me! These differences were really interesting to me and moved me. I discovered that I really love Japanese food and am proud of my country’s food culture. The reason why I became an Ambassador is that I have a passion for spreading amazing Japanese culture through food and want my audience to know how wonderful, diverse, and complex Japanese culture is. If you are interested in learning more, please scroll down the page and request my presentation! I am really looking forward to telling you my stories!

Do you know the instant noodle in Japan and America are totally different?

Do you like Japanese food? Sushi? Ramen? Tempura? What is the difference between Japanese taste and American taste? Let’s explore wonderful, divers, and complex Japanese food culture.


Men in armoour on the battlefield, drawing a sword and cutting down their enemies…They’re the samurai, archetypical Japanese warriors. It's not unusual for Japanese to be described as 'samurai'. Let’s peek into Japanese identity, concepts, and morals through the soul of samurai, which is called “Bushi-do.”


“Monozukuri” means designing and creating creative and productive products in Japanese. Manga, shinkansen (bullet train), kimono… many amazing products are created in Japan. From latest technology to traditional crafts in Japan, let’s explore the spirit and history of Japanese “Monozukuri.”

Do Japanese love festivals? Yes, definitely!

Japanese new year day, Hina-festival, Children-day. Japanese love to cerebrate and have festivals. Let’s peek into Japanese traditional events and the meaning behind it.

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