Tanaka Chingonzo

Tanaka Chingonzo

My name is Tanaka Chingonzo and I am proudly Zimbabwean. Home is a city called Harare which literally translated to English means “They do not sleep”- this is how vibrant and full of life home is. I come from a country that has sunsets that people have written poems about, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and all of whose adults have been a millionaire at least once in their lives. All of this and the adversity that the Zimbabwean people have faced and the resilience with which they overcome it every day make it easy to talk about my home. I am excited to talk to you about Zimbabwe through the different talks I will give over this next year.

The Elephants and the Lions of Zimbabwe

Animals play a significant role in Zimbabwe’s history, present and future. A central part of Zimbabwean identity is our totems of which mine is the Lion. Learn about the human wildlife conflict in Zimbabwe and hear more common stories like Cecil the lion’s.

Living in Uncertainty: Living in the World's Most Inflated Economy

Zimbabwe had the same president from 1980 until late last year in a peaceful coup. In this rule of 37 years, the Zimbabwean economy collapsed into a hyper inflated state where at one point a loaf of bread cost $13,000,000 Zimbabwean dollars. Learn about how people survived in one of the world’s most inflated economies and found solutions to uncommon problems.

Growing Up in Harare and Bulawayo

This presentation will focus on the time I spent growing up in Zimbabwe’s geopolitical north and south and the experience of getting thrown headfirst into Ndebele language and culture and the unique events that were part of that experience.

Divide and Conquer: the Legacy of Colonialism in Modern Day Zimbabwe today

This presentation will focus on the processes through which colonialism separated and turned Zimbabwean ethnic groups against each other and the impact which this continues to have today. This presentation will discuss the relationship between the Shona and Ndebele people and the reasons for the nature of this relationship.

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