Remapping the Renaissance
Research Lab: January 21–March 5, 2020
Exhibition: April 14–May 10 , 2020
Burton D. Morgan Gallery

From January 21 through March 5, 2020, students in Tracy Cosgriff’s Global Renaissance seminar will use the Burton D. Morgan Gallery as a Research Lab for object-based learning in preparation for their student-curated exhibition Remapping the Renaissance, which opens in April. Throughout the Research Lab period, materials selected from the CWAM’s Permanent Collection will rotate through the gallery along with a video documenting the experiential learning taking place within the seminar and in the museum.

About the Exhibition

As part of Tracy Cosgriff’s Spring 2020 Global Renaissance seminar, the student-curated exhibition Remapping the Renaissance fundamentally asks, "Whose Renaissance was it?"

The Renaissance has traditionally been understood as a Western phenomenon, heralding the advent of the modern era. Recent decades, however, have challenged this narrow outlook, seeking instead to reappraise the historical and cultural terms by which the period is defined. Entering into this debate, the exhibition reconsiders how the global mobility of images, institutions, and ideas has shaped the international landscape of our current world.

Spanning Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, Remapping the Renaissance focuses on visual and material cultures in the early era of global expansion and colonization (1450–1600). Themes include: immigration, commerce, religion, and science, as well as the relationship of center and periphery, native and foreign, and self and other.

--Tracy Cosgriff, Assistant Professor of Art History, The College of Wooster

2020 Studio Art Senior Independent Group Exhibition

April 24–May 3, 2020
Sussel Gallery