Before You Go

Preparation for your off-campus experiences begins with you, but there are many resources at your disposal to help you get ready for this life-changing adventure.

Much of the success of your experience abroad depends on YOU.  The decisions you make before and during your program about your daily choices and behavior have a profound impact on your health, safety and your overall success.  Below you will find a list of your responsibilities in this process.

  • Plan ahead.Be sure you read over this guide. It includes information about Residential Life, Fees and Billing, Registration, Library Carrels, Mail Policy, and the College’s Refund Policy. Share any relevant information with your family.
  • Communicate. With your program, your family, and The College of Wooster. A lot of information from The College will come through your Wooster e-mail account. Be sure to keep it updated and active. Tell your program and director about special personal circumstances (mental and physical health conditions, allergies, etc.) that may affect your time off-campus. Keep in touch with your friends and family on a regular basis, but not too much!
  • Ask Questions. Do your own research on your program and on issues surrounding safety, health, legal issues, politics, culture, religion, socio-economics, etc. in your host country. Attend all orientation meetings organized by your program and by the OCS office. Read all program materials carefully and thoroughly.
  • Know the rules. Be sure you know what your program and The College of Wooster expect of you by reading all program materials. You must abide by the rules, policies and laws of your program, The College of Wooster, the United States, and your host country.