Wooster TREKs

Our short-term programs (formerly known as Wooster Ins...) are now known as TREKs - Think, Re/search, Engage, Know.

TREKs are led by Wooster faculty and vary by theme and location. Some TREKs are embedded in a semester long course at Wooster with the experience abroad taking place during a school break, and some are stand-alone courses where the entire course takes place abroad. The time spent abroad on a TREK program varies from 2-6 weeks, and TREK offerings change each academic year. 

Upcoming TREK Programs

Wooster TREK London: Spectatorship, Theater, and Performance - Summer 2019

This one credit summer course introduces students to the theatrical histories and performance traditions of Great Britain. Students will have the opportunity to watch at least seven performances while in London, as well as learn about Shakespeare, his contemporaries, and the trends occurring in modern British drama. As a class we will read texts and discuss the ways that directing, acting, and design decisions influence the performances that we watch as a group. This course is intended for students who are interested in entering the performing arts world, as well as those who want to learn how to become better spectators and arts patrons. The course also introduces students to the theories of performance studies and analysis by using the locales and events of London as case studies from which to understand the role of staging/spectatorship in performances of culture, history, and nation. 

Instructor: Professor Jimmy Noriega

Course dates: June 3 - June 29, 2019

Past TREK Programs

Wooster TREK Hungary: Entrepreneurship - Summer 2018

Instructor: Dr. Peter Abramo

Wooster TREK Israel - Palestine: One Land, Two Peoples, Three Religions - Winter Break 2017/18

This half credit study tour brings students to Israel and Palestine for a first-hand encounter with this ongoing conflict. Through extensive site visits, lectures and discussions with Israeli and Palestinian academicians and local experts representing a spectrum of viewpoints and life experiences, students acquire a nuanced understanding of the conflict, observe for themselves the realities of daily life, and come to understand why this conflict continues to confound diplomatic attempts to resolve it.

Instructor: Professor Joan Friedman

Wooster Trek Haiti: Revolutionary Land - Spring 2017

The course approaches Haitian history, language, art, religion, and culture through a study of Haitian land: its form (geography), its use and misuse (farming, deforestation, eco-villages, etc.), as well as its representation in art, song, and literature. We will place a particular emphasis on life in rural Haiti, tracing "revolutionary" practices tied to the land, from the slave revolt of the 1790s to the peasant movements of the 20th and 21st centuries. The course will last the entire spring 2016 semester.

This course will require an online Haitian Creole component and a one-week linguistic and cultural immersion experience in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

The TREK to Haiti took place over Spring Break 2017 (March 13-20)

Wooster Summer in Tuscany - Summer 2017

Why not learn history where it happened – in a walled, medieval city with the Tuscan countryside spreading around it in a kaleidoscope of vineyards, castles, and olive groves? Wooster Summer in Tuscany offers two full course credits over four weeks of intensive study and travel centered in Siena, a city that treasures and preserves its medieval heritage. The program will emphasize full immersion in Italian life, including “survival” Italian lessons and residential housing in the city center. Learning on location allows us to use the urban and rural landscapes of Tuscany as the main resources for our research. Madonna Hettinger, Professor of History, will direct the travel-study program and teach both courses. The program might be of particular interest to students whose academic majors do not permit a full semester of study abroad. There are no pre-requisites for either course and no previous experience with Italian is necessary.

The program took place from May 20 to June 17, 2017 and was open to First-Years, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors.

Please contact Dr. Madonna Hettinger for more information.

Past Wooster In... Programs

Wooster in Israel and Palestine – Winter 2015/2016

This half credit study tour brings students to Israel and Palestine for a first-hand encounter with this ongoing conflict. Through extensive site visits, lectures and discussions with academicians from Israeli and Palestinian universities, and meetings with individuals representing a spectrum of viewpoints and life experiences - all facilitated by highly trained local educators - students acquire a nuanced understanding of the conflict, observe for themselves the realities of daily life, and come to understand why this conflict continues to confound diplomatic attempts to resolve it. Please contact Dr. Joan Friedman for more information. 

Wooster in Greece – Summer 2016

This interdisciplinary course is an introduction to ancient Greek medical practices and the cultural implications of these practices in the ancient Mediterranean world. We will examine primary Greek sources and material evidence in order to study concepts of disease and healing practices, the rise of the medical profession, and contemporary and ancient debates about science, medicine, magic, religion, and healing. Please contact Dr. Monica Florence for more information.

Wooster in Presidential Elections – Summer 2016

This course systematically examines Presidential elections in the United States. Using the 2016 Presidential election as a focal point, the course will uncover the complex dynamics in modern election campaigns between a) strategic candidates, b) the political parties they represent, c) the media who cover the campaign, and d) voters who must choose whether to vote and for whom to vote. The course will focus on the systematic empirical study of campaigns, but we will be guided by important normative questions related to how well modern Presidential elections contribute to US democracy. Students in the course will design collaborative research focused on answering a research question related to national political party nominating conventions and then, during the summer 2016 field experience, they will collect data to test their theories. As part of the field experience, students will observe the convention and attend lectures by pollsters, reporters, and campaign strategists. The culmination of the experience will be a 20-page research manuscript that details their findings. All students enrolled in the course are required to participate in the two-week summer field experience at the national conventions in July 2016. Please contact Dr. Angie Bos for more information.

Wooster in Global Social Entrepreneurship (India)  – Summer 2016

The program promotes social entrepreneurship and problem solving by connecting clients with real organizational problems and student teams to find meaningful solutions. SE is the process of creative thinking, innovation, risk-taking, and analysis that creates opportunities with sustainable social and economic value with sensitivity to unintended consequences. The program goals are simple: To expose students, faculty staff and client organizations to the process of social entrepreneurship through experiential learning, to encourage innovation and sustainability in the social sector and social enterprises. This program runs in India every 3 years. Please contact Dr. Amyaz Moledina for more information

Wooster in Thailand - Winter 2016/2017

The Wooster in Thailand Program provides a unique educational experience that includes both a classroom component and a field experience in Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) during winter break, just prior to classes beginning in January 2017. The course, Religious Studies 269: Asian and Asian American Feminist Theology, is worth 2.0 credits (1 credit for the field experience and 1.0 for the on-campus course during Spring 2017). Students are expected to participate in both pieces of the course. Please contact Chaplain Linda Morgan-Clement for more information.

Wooster in Besancon - Offered all semesters

The Wooster in Besançon program offers beginning and intermediate students of French the opportunity to participate directly in a language-intensive semester or summer program in Besançon, France. Students are directly enrolled in the Centre de Linguistique Appliquée (CLA) at the Universté de Franche-Comté in Besançon where they take intensive French language courses alongside students from all over the world. Please contact Jamie Adler for more information.

Examples of past Wooster In programs

  • Wooster in Ecuador
  • Wooster in India
  • Wooster in Northeast India
  • Wooster in Yunnan
  • Wooster in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Wooster in Xi’an
  • Wooster Semester in Thailand