Damage Billing & Appeals

Room inspections will be done in comparison to room condition reports that were completed when students moved into their assigned spaces. As is mentioned in the room condition reports, students are responsible for arranging an appointment and accompany a staff member during room inspections or completing an express checkout form. If a student did not complete a room condition reports upon moving into their space there is no way to verify existing damage within a space at the time of move-out.

Should students choose not to arrange this appointment or complete an express checkoutform, students waive their rights to dispute charges assessed for damage assigned to their residential spaces. 

If students leave any possessions in their assigned room beyond the occupancy period, the items will be disposed of and student(s) will be charged for their removal.

Each student will receive notification through their Wooster email from Residence Life about the damages that have been assessed to their account, along with information about the individual damages they are being charged for. If students have followed proper check-out procedures, an appeal is made possible by documenting concerns and sending the appeal to the Residential Life Office using the online appeals form. All appeals should be submitted within thirty (30) days of the date the charges are sent to the students wooster.edu email account.