RA Staff Selection

Overall Application Process Timeline

Date Event Location
12/4/2020 Application for 2021-2022 RA Available Student Employment Website
1/20/21 Information Session @7pm Microsoft Teams
1/22/2021 New & Returning RA Applications Due Via Interview Exchange
1/25/2021 GPA and Conduct Check conducted; ineligible candidates notified Via Wooster Email
1/25/2021 Sign Ups sent for Group Interviews Microsoft Bookings
1/25/2021 Sign Ups sent for Returning RA Interviews Microsoft Bookings
1/25/2021 Week for Returning Staff Interviews Microsoft Bookings
1/28/2021 First Group Process 6pm-8pm Online
1/29/2021 Deadline for New RA Recommendations by current staff Qualtrics Invitations

Second Group Process 9am-11am
Third Group Process 12pm-2pm
Fourth Group Process 2:30-4:30pm



2/1/2021 Individual Interviews Microsoft Bookings
2/9/2021 RA File Review Professional Staff
2/10/2021 Decision Letters Distributed Via Wooster Email
2/12/2021 Acceptance Forms due for Hires & Alternates Via Wooster Email

Candidates will be asked to complete the application through Interview Exchange (You will be asked to create a log-in and password).

If you are applying for the position, and have never served as a Resident Assistant, you will be asked to provide two references. One reference needs to be a current Resident Assistant. The other should be someone who can speak to your leadership skills and/or work skills.

You will also be asked to submit a current cover letter and resume for the position. Please make sure that you save them in PDF format when you upload them. You can upload them as one document or two separate documents.

For the cover letter please make sure that you address the following:

  • Why you are interested in being a Resident Assistant?
  • How your past experiences prepared you for the role?
  • What community do you think you would be the most successful (i.e. first-year students, upper-class students, house residents, etc) with? Please note, interest does not mean you will be guaranteed placement in that location.

Please note that Steps 4 and 5 of the application are optional and not available to those reviewing your application.

For helpful references review the resources available through Career Planning on how to write a cover letter and resume.

Please Check Out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information on the RA Selection Process.