Housing Selection 2020-2021

Housing Selection 2020-21

The Housing Selection Process for the 2020-2021 school year is starting up in the Spring Semester. Please make sure you take time to read through the Housing and Dining Agreement. You will need to complete this agreement before you are able to apply for any programs or select a housing space. Below you will find all necessary information regarding dates and application processes for housing. If you have additional questions regarding any part of the housing selection process, please feel free to stop by the Campus Life Office.

New for 2020-2021 Housing Selection

New Selection Process for Campus Houses

The Office of Residence Life is working with the Director of Experiential Learning and Civic Engagement to work towards the following goals when it comes to the campus house experience: ensure that those that are living in the houses are having an engaging educational experience that is incorporating best practices, and that those living there are committed to the house for the right reasons; the community partners feel like they are being honored and respected and that we don’t leave them hanging at the end of the year if a house “disappears”; and anyone who wants this type of experience has the opportunity to apply and there are equitable opportunities for all students. With those goals in mind, here are the changes to the process for the 2020-2021 academic year:

  • No new community partners or campus programs for 2020-2021.
  • The Experiential Learning and Civic Engagement office will reach out to existing partners to see if they want/are able to continue and find out what their ideal number of participants is.
  • To ensure equitable access to these houses, individuals will no longer apply as a group, but will apply as an individual or with a roommate.
  • Those applying as an individual could be placed with a roommate. There are no guaranteed singles.
  • Those applying with a roommate would not be accepted without their roommate also being accepted (package deal)
  • Once you are in a house, you can stay for as many years as you like without interviewing again, as long as the community partner continues in the program, you have met the service hour requirements, and you pass the yearly judicial/background check.

WVN Service House Applications can be found on the Housing Self-Service portal. Campus Program House Applications will be sent to the leadership for approved Campus Program Houses.

2020-2021 Housing Rates

Category 20-21 Rates Description
Single $7,160 Any Single Space
Multiple $6,190 Doubles & Triples
House $6,680 Any House Space
Suite $7,970 Any Space in Gault Schoolhouse

Important Dates

Date Event Location Time
January 13th-
January 31st
ALL Student Sign into Housing Self-Service to sign their Housing and Dining Agreement. Students should begin pairing with roommate(s) if applicable. Housing Self-Service  
Tuesday, January 21st & Thursday, January 23rd Tabling during lunch Lowry 11 am- 1 pm
Thursday, January 23rd Community Service Fair Lowry Lounge 4pm-6pm
Friday, January 24th Off-Campus Exemption and Parent/Family Housing Application Due

Off Campus Exemption- Campus Life Office

Housing Self-Service

Wednesday, January 29th Students will receive their housing selection numbers

College of Wooster email address

Saturday, February 1st Housing Accommodation Applications Due Learning Center  
Sunday, February 2nd WVN Service Housing Program Applications Due Housing Self-Service  
Monday, February 3rd Charter and Program House Applications Due Campus Life Office 5pm
Monday, February 10th Parent/Family Housing, & Off-Campus Exemption decisions released College of Wooster email address  

Monday, February 10th -
Friday, February 14th

WVN Service House Interviews Students will be notified if they are invited to interview 4:00pm-6:00pm

Monday, February 17th

ADA Decision Released College of Wooster email address 5pm
Wednesday, February 19th WVN Service House Decisions and Program House Placement released College of Wooster email address  
Friday, February 21st

Luce World Language & Culture Suite & First Generation Housing Option Applications Due

Senior Specialized spaces released

Housing Self-Service

College of Wooster email address

Monday, February 24th All Gender Community, Admissions Host Program, & Greek Housing Applications Due

All Gender & Greek Housing Applications:
Housing Self-Service

Admissions Host Application

February 26th
All Gender Housing Selection & Program House Rosters Due

Housing Self-Service

Rosters: Campus Life Office




Monday, March 2nd Luce World Language & Culture Suites and First Generation Housing Option Decisions & Greek Housing Placement released Wooster email  
Wednesday, March 4th Senior Specialized Applications Due Housing Self-Service  
Friday, March 6th

Greek Housing Rosters Due

Senior Specialized Selection

Campus Life Office

Housing Self-Service

5:00 pm


Monday, March 23rd

Single Room Applications Due

Admissions Host Program Decisions Released

Housing Self-Service

College of Wooster email address

Thursday, March 26th Single Room Selection Housing Self-Service TBD
Friday, March 27th - Friday, April 3rd Roommate Pairing/Selection Housing Self-Service  
Monday, April 13th - Friday, April 17th General Housing Selection Housing Self-Service TBD

Housing Self-Service

in Fall 2018, the Residence Life Office implemented a new housing software that will allow students to fill out housing applications on line, design profiles for other students to view when looking for a roommate, choose housing assignments online, and much more. The portal students will use is called Housing Self-Service. Here is a step by step instruction for using Housing Self-Service.

Gender Inclusive Housing Policy

During the Fall Semester 2018, members of the Residence Life Office worked with students, Center for Diversity and Inclusion, the campus Title IX Coordinator, and the Vice President for Student Affairs to develop a Gender Inclusive Housing Policy. Learn more about the Gender Policy!

Conduct Checks During the Housing Selection Process

There are some living options at The College of Wooster that require students to be in good conduct standing to live in the space. These processes include Wooster Volunteer Network Program Houses, Campus Program Houses, Permanent Charter student housing, and Senior Specialized housing. When students apply for one of these options, you are agreeing to commit to the program if it is accepted. The application form also states that students understand that the Office of Residence Life will be checking their conduct record during the selection process. The Conduct Check will be performed by a Residence Life staff member and that information will be kept confidential.

If it is determined that a student does not meet the requirements to live in the housing option, the Residence Life Office will contact the individual directly to notify them. The student will have the opportunity to follow up with the Office of Residence Life to discuss the process. It will also be the student’s responsibility to notify the group that they can no longer live in the housing option.

Information obtained during the Conduct Check process will be evaluated annually. If a student is not able to participate in a house process one year, it does not mean that they are exempt from participating in a house roster in the future.


Housing Selection is a process that happens every spring semester. In this process, students go through a process to choose their rooms for the following year. The following questions are ones that are frequently asked before the process begins.

When does the housing selection process start?

It already has! Applications are available now (see above). Students should begin the process of deciding what kind of housing they would like to apply for, as well as who they want to live with. We will also have Residence Life staff available through Tabling in Lowry to answer questions (see timetable above).

What if I cannot see the applications in self-service?

If you cannot see applications in Self-Service during the Housing Selection period, you likely need to complete your Housing and Dining Agreement. Once your Housing and Dining Agreement is complete, then it will open up the remaining Applications for the 2020-2021 Academic year. If you have completed your Housing and Dining Agreement and still do not see available applications, please contact the Residence Life Office.

What is a housing selection number?

Housing selection numbers are randomly assigned to each class cohort. Numbers truly are random; no priority is given based upon GPA, credits earned, or any other reason. Rising seniors do have priority in choice. Rising Seniors will have a number ranging from 1000-1999, rising Juniors 2000-2999, rising Sophomores 3000-3999. We recommend that transfer students confirm their class year with the registrar before selection begins. If you do not receive a postcard in the mail in early February with your room selection number, please contact the Residence Life Office.

What options do I have for housing?

Students have the option of the following types of housing: single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms, program and Wooster Volunteer Network houses, suites in the Schoolhouse, Luce World Language and Culture suites, Senior Specialized, First Generation Housing Community, Admissions Hosts, All Gender Housing, and Greek Housing. There is a separate housing application for most housing options.

What is the difference between all gender community and gender inclusive housing?

The mission of All-Gender Housing is to provide a safe and supportive community for people of all genders, including transgender, cisgender, and non-binary students. This program is dedicated to comfort, camaraderie, security, education, and empowerment. Anyone who is more comfortable living in an all-gender space is welcome and will be treated with respect to their personhood, identity, and privacy. The space is queer-friendly, but not queer-exclusive.

Gender Inclusive Housing is available in all upper-class Residence Halls, Miller Manor, and Westminster Cottage. Students do not need to apply for this housing option.

How do I get into a single room?

Students can express interest in a single room by submitting an application. Applications are put in housing selection number order and students will be invited to the selection process based upon the available number of rooms.

Do I get to pick my own roommate?

Absolutely! After your first year, you get to choose you who live with. You are able to search for roommates in the roommate selection section of Self-Service. You can also do an advanced search according to your living preferences and find other students with similar preferences. If you don't have a roommate preference, that is okay too- a roommate will be assigned to you.

If I am accepted to a program, how is placement determined?

In most instances (Greek Housing, Single Selection, General Housing Selection Sr. Specialized Housing), students will choose their own space. There are some housing options (Luce Language & Culture Suites, First Generation Student Housing, and Program Houses) where students will be placed to some degree by the Residence Life staff. Here are the factors that are considered when students are placed in housing: approved housing accommodations, gender identity, room selection number, and housing preferences. The Residence Life Office will do their best to place groups and individuals so that as many students as possible can take advantage of the housing option while also doing their best to meet student preferences.

What should I do if I have more questions?

Your Resident Assistant (RA) can be a great resource for you! Reach out to them and ask your questions! You can also feel free to stop by the Campus Life Office (Lowry ground floor) and talk with any Residence Life staff member.