Support Groups

The College of Wooster offers several support groups for students with LGBTQIA+ identities, who are wanting to discuss their own sexuality and gender in order to create connection with peers of similar identities and experiences.

About Support Groups

All support groups are hosted on a weekly basis and follow a structured format that incorporates principles of mindfulness and acceptance-based theories. We ask that students wishing to participate make a commitment to attend the group for a semester and do their best to show up for one another each week. The topics discussed in support groups range from every day stressors and victories to deeper journeys of identity. Most support groups are held in The Q Space.

Trans & Non-Binary Support Groups

Our trans & non-binary support groups are peer-led groups, hosted by trans and non-binary students who have previously participated in multiple semesters of support group and would like to give back to their peers by facilitating. Student facilitators are coordinated and supported by professional staff within CDI branch of Sexuality & Gender Inclusion.

Additional Support Groups

In addition to our trans & non-binary support groups, we also offer a rotation of identity-based support groups, depending on need and demand, such as: bi, pan, and fluid groups; ace, aro, and grey groups; general LGBTQIA+ groups.

For more information or to participate in any of the support groups, please contact