All-Gender Housing

Kenarden Hall

The mission of All-Gender Housing is to provide a safe and supportive community for people of all genders, including transgender, cisgender, and non-binary students.

This program is dedicated to comfort, camaraderie, security, education, and empowerment. Anyone who is more comfortable living in an all-gender space is welcome and will be treated with respect to their personhood, identity, and privacy. 

The space is queer-friendly, but not queer-exclusive. 

All residents of All-Gender Housing will be required to attend a single 3-hour Safe Zone Training through CDI's branch Sexuality and Gender Inclusion in order to ensure the safety of all members of the community.

For upper class students, Kenarden Lodge currently houses All-Gender Housing. Please review the housing selection deadlines so you don't miss your chance to apply for All-Gender Housing (.pdf). Link to the application will only be available during the housing application process. For the years of 2018-19 and 2019-20, first-year All-Gender Housing will be located in Babcock Hall.

Incoming first-year students are eligible for All-Gender Housing, which will be housed in a first-year residence hall, location determined based on demand.

In addition to All-Gender Housing, the Wooster has a Gender Inclusive Housing Policy. This policy allows students to choose to live in a room with anyone else, regardless of their gender identity. This policy will be implemented in a way that is consistent with student preferences and comfort level, while also allowing students to know the restrooms available on the floor before they choose their room. For more information, view the Gender Inclusive Housing Policy.