Application Process

What Steps Do I Need to Take to Get a Job?

  1. All open positions are available online. Please take time to review all of the jobs posted under Student Employment Opportunities.
  2. When ready to apply for a position, students need to apply directly to the hiring department. The contact information is listed within the job posting.
  3. Students with Federal Work Study funds can pursue an opportunity with the Community Service Program. For more information, refer toFederal Work Student Community Service Program.
  4. For off-campus positions, students need to apply directly to the hiring company or organization as indicated within the job posting.
  5. The hiring department or the off-campus company/organization will contact students directly to schedule interviews and offer positions.
  6. When students accept positions, they must complete employment paperwork on or before the first day of work. Please see Student Employment Forms for more information.
  7. When all of the appropriate paperwork has been completed by the student and hiring supervisor, Student Employment will email confirmation to students and their supervisor(s) to clear the students for work. Students must not start working until they receive the email confirmation.