• Appearance should be neat and clean.
    First impressions are very important during a job interview. Whether you intend it to or not, your initial appearance will impact your interviewer's impression of you. Interviewers want to put a face to your application so make it a clean one!
  • Make eye contact and shake hands with your interviewer.
    These simple gestures are not only signs of professionalism, but they are also signs of respect. Initiating eye contact and a firm hand shake is an assertion of confidence in yourself and in the abilities you are presenting to your potential employer in the interview.
  • Speak clearly and thoughtfully.
    Organize your thoughts and respond with clear and complete sentences. Avoid using noncommittal responses such as: "um", "yeah", and "uh-huh". Thoughtfulness and intelligence are respected qualities in the workplace and should be strongly represented during your interview.
  • Be prepared to answer questions from your application materials.
    Your interviewer will be interested in the work history and experience you included in your resume. Prepare to answer questions about previous work and volunteer experience, as well as questions about how you think these experiences will help you succeed in the job.
  • Know the responsibilities and requirements of the position.
  • Your interviewer might ask how you think you will benefit the department or office if you are hired for the position. Understanding the general duties and responsibilities of the position will help you formulate an intelligent and unique response.
  • Be open and polite.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions. Asking your interviewer questions about the position is not a sign of weakness or inexperience. Intelligent questions show your interviewer that you have thought about or are thinking about the position seriously. Asking questions will also show that you will not be afraid to speak up when you are unsure of directions or tasks given to you in a work environment.

For more information, please see Career Planning.