Web Communication

Wooster.edu content is managed with the help of a team of editors across campus. Editors are trained by the web team and assigned to the content area that coordinates with their department of employment. Some editors manage content for multiple academic departments or administrative offices. 

Submit and update, correction or request

If you are not a web editor, check the web editors list to see who's responsible for your content area. Not sure who to contact? A member of the web team we'll process your request or put you in contact with the correct editor.

Editors and non-editors can submit files, images and content change requests through the web request form. We'll process your change within 24-48 hours and contact you if we need more information. 

Help for web editors

Access OU Campus training materials, documentation, videos and style guides on the Web Communication wiki, or contact the web team.

Want to become a web editor?

Wooster.edu web editor licenses are limited and requests for a new user license are carefully considered. All licensed users are required to attend one-on-one or small group training with a member of the web team. Licenses are granted to full time Wooster employees only. Reach out to the web team to learn more. 

New content or site?

Multiple servers and systems, like OUCampus and Wordpress, are in place to host Wooster web content depending on your needs and your target audience. Find out which server will best serve your goals. 

If you have a large web project in mind or don't know where to start, contact Melissa for guidance.