The goal of Web Communication is to ensure that accurate, timely, and consistent information is published throughout the College’s web presence.

Copyright and Fair Use

In accordance with U.S. copyright law, material that carries a copyright may not be reproduced without express permission from the copyright owner. Permission, however, is not needed when utilization fall within what the U.S. Copyright act of 1976 deems fair use. Additional information about copyright is available through the U.S. Copyright Office.

If a copyright complaint is filed with the College, the material in question will be removed from the College’s website immediately, provided that the complainant sufficiently identifies the copyrighted material and asserts that use of the material is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent or the law.

Defining Official/ Non-Official Pages

Official web pages include administrative office pages, academic department pages, and program pages.

Non-official pages include individual faculty and staff Web pages, student organization groups, and personal pages.

Appropriate Content

Material hosted on the College of Wooster’s web servers must not violate state or federal law, or any college policy. Material must not feature obscene, harassing, or discriminatory content. Web Communication has the right to remove any content deemed inappropriate.

All content posted on the College of Wooster’s web servers must be in accordance with the Scot’s Key (.pdf).

Information Duplication

To facilitate consistency, accuracy, revisions, and prevent contradictory information from appearing on the College website, editors should NOT duplicate information already displayed elsewhere. Whenever possible, please link to the primarily source or responsible office/department for the function or activity. (Example: Quoting at length a campus policy rather than providing a link to the original policy location.)

Outdated Content

Outdated content creates serious issues with site integrity, reduce content credibility, and effect search engine results.

Content on Wooster websites is regularly audited. Editors, departments, and administrative offices will be contacted if outdated content is found. Changes should be made swiftly. Content that remains outdated or is potentially harmful or confusing for users may be temporarily removed from the site until it can be corrected.

Graphic Standards

In order to achieve and maintain a consistent look and feel in all print and electronic communications, The College of Wooster has adopted an integrated set of graphic standards that includes guidelines for application of logotypes, wordmarks, colors, and fonts on all college communication materials.

These standards are to be followed for all print and electronic communications to external audiences, whether created internally or by an outside vendor.

More information and downloadable graphic files can be found on Wooster's Graphic Standards wiki (login required).

Multimedia/Graphic Content

All multimedia/graphic content used on Wooster.edu and Wooster-hosted servers should be optimized for proper web viewing and should comply with copyright and fair use laws. 

Graphics/images uploaded to the web server will exist in optimized graphic formats only (.jpeg, .gif, .png).

Wooster.edu's content management systems allows for embedding external content from sources like YouTube and is the preferred method for sharing media throughout our sites.

Unapproved file formats and/or misuse of multimedia/graphic content on Wooster's web server will be subject to removal at the discretion of The Office of Web Communication.

Student Organization Websites

Student organization websites are expected to post and keep current the following information on their website.

  1. Contact information
  2. Statement of purpose/mission
  3. Regular meeting times and places
  4. Event dates and times

If student organization content is found to be outdated and updates are not completed within a reasonable amount of time, links from official Wooster web pages will be made inactive. Content or sites outdated by more than a year will removed from the server. 

Student organization sites hosted outside of the Wooster web domain are expected to comply with all College of Wooster web policies.