Thanks to an APEX fellowship, Ellie Depastino has her eye on a career path that will let her share her passion for history with others.


The fellowship allowed her to do a summer internship at the Heinz History Center in her hometown of Pittsburgh, where she conducted archival research, helped put together an exhibit, and even published a post about her work on the museum’s blog.

“Not only was I able to delve into the history of a time that fascinates me, I was also able to experience firsthand the work that goes into creating exhibits, and make numerous connections with staff. I now know that public history and museum work are two areas I would like to pursue as a career.”

Ellie has tapped APEX’s resources every year she’s been at Wooster, from help preparing her first resume, to planning an off-campus study experience, to researching post-graduation job opportunities.

This summer, she’s heading to Lucerne, Switzerland, to do research for her I.S. in the private archives of the late American artist, illustrator and author Don Freeman, best known for his children’s book, Corduroy.

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A summer internship at a microbrewery might sound like many a rising college senior’s dream job.


For Peter Arts, a biochemistry and molecular biology major, it was a key step in bringing his post-Wooster plans into focus.

As a brewing operations intern at Wolverine State Brewing Company in his hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan, Peter learned about every aspect of the brewing process, as well as gaining insights into how to run a successful small business. The opportunity was made possible by an APEX Fellowship, generously funded by the Andrew family.

“I was drawn to this internship mostly because of the creativity associated with brewing. Just as with any other art, brewing can be used as a medium for self-expression. I also find working with my hands very satisfying, so the physical aspect appealed to me as well.”

Peter’s post-graduation plans will tie together both those elements with his love of science and mathematics. He’ll be heading to a master’s program in soil science to pursue agricultural research.

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Jay Coleman knows where she’s going and thinks strategically about how she’s going to get there.


A sophomore psychology major and Chinese minor, and first-generation college student, her goal is to be an occupational therapist working with older adults. With her eye already on grad school, she is planning to take two extra courses this summer at a college near her home in Emeryville, California, “and another the following summer, while I’m studying for the GRE.”

An Allen Scholarship put Wooster within reach for Jay, and she has given back by becoming part of its leadership board. She’s also a peer educator at the Longbrake Student Wellness Center, treasurer of the Psychology Club, and active in the local branch of the NAACP back home.

Jay’s eyes light up when she talks about her grandmothers, with whom she loves spending time; her father, a construction worker who suffered a debilitating back injury on the job; and her mother.

“My mom has always been my biggest, biggest advocate. She ingrained in me the idea of always trying your best. I get a lot of my motivation from her.”

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