Readmission Materials

An Application for Readmission to The College of Wooster must be completed by all persons who have withdrawn from The College of Wooster and who wish to be considered for readmission. The deadline for completed applications, including any necessary transcripts, references and/or medical statements, is April 15 for Semester I and November 15 for Semester II. If your withdrawal was for academic reasons, the Committee on Academic Standards will review your application at a meeting following each deadline. Therefore, it is imperative that all your materials are submitted and received prior to the appropriate due date. An interview on campus, or by phone may be required.

Please read the instructions carefully and answer all questions as completely as possible. Additional information about readmission is contained in the College Catalogue. If you are readmitted to The College of Wooster, you should understand that you are bound by the provisions of the Code of Academic Integrity and the Code of Social Responsibility.

Be sure to read the application completely and submit any additional information as required.

Readmission Application (.pdf)

Academic Statement (.pdf)

Dean's Reference Form (.pdf)