Babcock Hall

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion is housed in Babcock Hall (across from the tennis courts).


Center for Diversity and Inclusion

We are a collection of offices (Religious & Spiritual Life, International Student Services, Multicultural Student Affairs, Sexuality & Gender Inclusion) that share the common goal of supporting, challenging and advocating for under-represented students, whoever they may be.  

But we’re more than that... 

We are a group of programs and initiatives that encourage students to explore their identities, to ask difficult questions, to engage in social justice, and to get to know someone who is different from themselves. 

...and even more...

Our trainings and workshops train students, faculty, and staff in various forms of diversity education to foster a more welcoming and supportive atmosphere for all. 

Our celebrations and events showcase and celebrate both the things that we share and the things that make us different. 

Our active and vibrant student groups highlight the various identities and backgrounds of all our students. Students are welcome to join them as a place of belonging (to find a like-minded group of friends), or as a place of exploration (to explore a new way of encountering the world). 

We believe that the differences among our students enrich the entire community for all of us and that everyone has a story worthy of telling.

So drop by, visit, and hang out! We’re in Babcock Hall and we look forward to seeing you.