Armel Lee

My name is Jisou Lee, and I go by Armel Lee in English speaking countries. I am a French-born fourth-year international student from South Korea, majoring in Sociology at The College of Wooster. I classify myself as a full South Korean, and my culture totally belongs to South Korea. The reason that I was born in France is that my parents were international students in France. For that, I am a second generation international student. I first came to the United States in 2010 and spent middle and high school in Orangewood Christian School located in central Florida. If you would like to hear stories of a proud Korean Scot, please scroll down the page! My presentation topics are below! 

How Can We Change the World?

People who have big hearts dream of changing the world in their future and pursue their careers in entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, etc. In fact, work to change the world may require such things but it is not necessarily always the case. We can actually start this little by little. In this presentation, I would like to share my knowledge about the mechanism of people’s mind and my strategy with story at The College of Wooster.

Past, Present, and Future of Two Koreas: from Unary to Binary

This topic covers a broad history about Korea from the origins of the division to the current circumstances. Split in three sections in chronological order, I will address the past, present, and future of South and North Korea from the perspective of South Korea. 

What Makes Your Heart Sing?

“What is your dream?”; “What do you want to do your future?” While it is one of the most common questions that people ask to each other, at the same time, it is one of the most difficult questions to answer. For those who have no idea of how to answer this question. I would like to phrase the question in a different way and share a strategy of how to approach this and how to connect with what one loves. This presentation will also contain experiences and advices that I had and my personal story as an example. 

Midnight Summer’s Dream: 50 Days of Solitary Travel of Eastern Europe

The topic will cover my solitary traveling experience of 50 days in Eastern Europe. My journey began from Berlin, Germany and went through France, Austria, Hungary, and Czech Republic. In this presentation, I will share unique stories that I had, South Korean traveling cultures, and some unique traveling spots, local restaurants, and advices when visiting Eastern European countries.

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