Past Programs

Hump Night

A study space for students. Refreshments are often served, and sometimes we host guests from the STEM ZONE and student organizations.

PLAID weekend

... Provides students with Learned experiences that will be Applicable and Important for the Diversity they bring to Wooster.
PLAID Weekend serves as a valuable resource opportunity for many students of color (both first-year and older) to engage in meaningful dialogue, team building, and problem solving activities that address the many different experiences a student of color may have and will have as a member of the Wooster community, all while having fun and nurturing fellowship.
The program empowers students of color to become campus leaders, as well as providing the students with education on the trends, issues, and problems surrounding students of color on campus (at the College and nationally) and in the Wooster community.  

LEADership Institute

To empower current domestic students of color to become campus leaders; provide the campus with education on the trends, issues and problems surrounding students of color; and lastly, to innovate and sponsor new programs and initiatives focused on the retention of the domestic student of color population.

Latin@ American Symposium on Education and Research

The Latino American Symposium on Education and Research (L.A.S.E.R.) Conference champions Hispanic achievement through innovative, targeted, and cutting-edge research and best practices in academia.

Watch Party (2015)

A viewing party for the acclaimed documentary Fresh Dressed.  The film documents the influence of fashion on hip-hop culture and music. A “pre-party” featured hip-hop music videos from the 80s, 90s and early 00s. Plus refreshments!

Galpin Takeover - 25 year anniversary

Saakumu Dance Troupe of Ghana

OMSA partnered with CDGE, Cultural Events Committee, Music Department and Dance Department to bring this wonderful Dance and Drum Troupe from Ghana to CoW. There were more than a hundred in attendance for the live performance and about sixty in attendance for the drum circle workshop.

The Rhythm of HIV/AIDS (2013)

OMSA took lead on bringing Professor Rodney Brown from The Ohio State University Department of Dance to The College of Wooster. Professor Brown discussed his art and research on HIV/AIDS both domestically and International. This event catered to a small group of students and faculty interested in learning about HIV/AIDS. The Co-Sponsors of this event were CDGE and The Wellness Center.

Social Justice Training Institute (2013)

30 students participated in the SJTI. There were over eleven different departments/offices that contributed financially to make this event possible.

Tim Wise (2013)

OMSA was a co-sponsor of the Tim Wise campus visit. OMSA took lead on bringing him to campus and providing assessment through comment cards and report of his visit.