General Mail Guidelines

The primary goal of the campus post office is to process and deliver US mail, campus mail and packages efficiently and effectively.  In meeting this goal, the post office will exhaust all reasonable means to get the mail delivered in a timely way to its intended recipient.

The privacy and confidentiality of all properly addressed US and campus mail will be respected at all times.

Improperly or inadequately addressed mail will be delayed.  After all other mail is distributed, the campus post office will attempt to deliver improperly addressed pieces to the intended recipient or return them to their sender. If neither the sender or addressee can be determined the piece of mail will be destroyed.

All US Postal Service mail enters the College through the Campus Post Office. All mail for students regardless of the courier is handled by the Campus Post Office.( The exception to this would be if the size of the parcel makes it necessary to be sent to the store room at 580 East Wayne Av.) College employees who wish to have couriers such as UPS, Fed Ex and Airborne deliver to specific buildings must have the sender use the street number and name of that building in the address. Failure of the sender to follow this procedure may result in delay of delivery.

When mail is returned to the post office by the US Postal Service with postage due, the campus post office will attempt to identify the sender or recipient of the mail and charge the appropriate party the postage due amount.

In cases when the campus post office ascertains that a piece of mail has inadequate postage, it will return the piece of mail to the sender with a note indicating the problem and its solution.

The responsibility for the content of items sent through the mail lies with the sender of the item.  The College does not assume responsibility for the content of items sent through the mail.

Regarding mail which may be perceived as offensive and/or harassing, individuals should refer to the Code of Social Responsibility, The Scot's Key (.pdf) and/or contact security.

College Post Office Services

The College Post Office offers many mail services including express, registering, certifying and insuring mail. Priority boxes, envelopes and labels are available at no charge.

The college Post Office will forward mail for the student population only. The forwarding of mail for staff who leave the College is the responsibility of the department for which the person was employed.

Staff should not use The College of Wooster address for the receipt of personal mail unless the staff person actually lives on campus.

Guidelines for Meter Mail

Mail sent to the College mail room to be metered must be charged to a College Department.  The mail must have a College of Wooster return address and an indication of the department or account to be charged.  Mail which has no department designation will be opened by the Director of Lowry Center and returned to the sender for proper handling. Mail which can not be charged to an account and can not be returned to the sender will be destroyed. Only items pertaining to College business are to be metered. The mail room cannot charge personal accounts for meter mail services.

It is very important to separate international mail from domestic mail to be metered.  International mail may require a customs form to be filled out by the sender.  Domestic parcels which are fragile, liquid, perishable, or potentially hazardous must be brought to the mail room by the sender and not sent via campus mail.

In order to seal envelopes during the metering process all flaps must be in the down position.  Bundles or trays of mail sent to be metered and sealed with the flaps up will be sent back to the department for proper handling.  The meter machine will not seal end flap envelopes.  These must be sealed before reaching the College mail room.  Mail to be metered and sealed must be kept dry in transit to the mailroom.

Guidelines for Intracampus Mail 

Intracampus mail for staff should include the persons name and/or department of the addressee.

All student intracampus mail must include the student's name and post office box number.

Intracampus mail must measure at least 3 by 5 inches.

It is preferred that intracampus mailings containing twenty-five (25) or more pieces be delivered to the post office in numerical order and secured with a rubber band. 

Mailings which are not numerical will be delayed in delivery.

Flowers, perishable, or fragile items may not be sent via campus mail. Candy items attached to or included in campus mail are discouraged and will be processed at the discretion ot the mail room manager.

Intracampus mail may not be used by individuals, groups, or organizations to advertise events featuring alcoholic beverages.

Attaching mail to the outside of campus mail boxes is prohibited.

Guidelines on Postal Box Stuffings

Non-addressed mass mailings to students are limited to essential information.  An Application for Mass Mailing, available in the Lowry Center Director's Office, must be completed and approved in order to send a mass mailing.  It is highly advised that other means of communication be explored.  For more information on non-addressed mass mailings, contact Bob Rodda at ext. 2062 or Mike Gorrell at ext. 2567.  Stuffings will occur only after first class and other campus mail has been distributed.  Since there is a limit on how many stuffings can be done in a day, it is advised that stuffings be scheduled a minimum of four business days in advance.

Material to be stuffed should be delivered to the post office by 4 p.m. on the day before it is to be distributed.

Letter-size sheets to be stuffed in student boxes must be tri-folded lengthwise before they are delivered to the post office.

Hours of Operation

8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday. When school is in session the mailroom is open on Saturdays for student package pick-up from 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. and from 5 p.m. till 6:30 p.m.  There are no counter/stamp services available on Saturdays.

During Winter Break times the Post Office offers options to receive mail.


Please consult the mail room at ext. 2394 or e-mail Mike Gorrell for information or questions on their services and guidelines.