The Goliard

The Goliard

The Goliard is a student run literary magazine on the College of Wooster Campus. We receive all of our submissions from students on campus and these submissions are peer reviewed. At the end of each year, we publish a magazine and sell it to the student body. In the magazine we publish prose, poetry, prosetry, art, music, a one act play, and any other type of writing that you can think of. We are also trying to expand the types of literature and art that we put in the magazine, so if you’re not sure we accept what you want to submit, send it anyway! We would be happy to look at it. 

Contact Information

Editor-in-Chief: Kennedy McKain

Vice President: Nan Denette

Officer: Channler Twyman

Advisor: Cally Gottleib King

Office Location

005 Compton

For more information, please visit us on Facebook or on our Website!