Student organizations sitting at table with posters and information at Scot Spirit Day outside

Student Organization Resources

Update Your Officer List and Advisor Information

Please complete the online student organization cabinet information form. Cabinet information for the 2018-2019 school year is due by noon on 2/16/2018. These students will be responsible for the creation and submission of the 18-19 budget proposal. 

Update Your Charter Each Year

Your charter renewal is due by the 7th week of the spring semester. Submit your updated charter to by Friday 3/2/2018 by noon.

Update Your Roster Each Semester

Please complete a roster (.pdf) and return it to student activities by the specified deadline for each semester. If you are having difficulty with the PDF document, please email Darlene Piper.

Start a New Club/Organization or Change Your Existing Organization

It is important to read the student organization information sheet and complete the intent to charter form according to the directions included within that document. You will then work directly with the Director of Lowry Center and Student Activities to complete your charter application. The deadline to submit your "Intent to Charter" is February 12th, 2018 by noon.  

New groups must apply within the first 3 weeks of each semester. Please be sure to consult the list of existing groups to be sure your group wouldn't fit in with something already happening on campus.

Please stop by or contact the Student Activities office with any questions, ideas, thoughts, or considerations about your student group. You can also make an appointment with the student desk worker in person or by calling 330-263-2062. 

Discuss the Role of an Advisor

All student organizations are required to have a faculty or staff advisor. To discuss this process and their responsibilities visit the Student Activities Office. The advisor contract also includes expectations and responsibilities for your advisor.

Learn About the Funding Process

Call 330-263-2062 with questions concerning the budget process.

Get Reimbursed or Make a Payment on Behalf of the Organization

Complete the disbursement form (.pdf).

Request a Contract

Complete the contract request form (.pdf) at least 3 weeks prior to the event.

Helpful Forms

Please use our Reallocation Request Form (.pdf) and submit it to Student Activities within the time frame outlined on the form.

Please use our Request for New Funds or New Event Form (.pdf) and submit it to Student Activities within the time frame outlined on the form.

Publicity Room

The Publicity Room is for student organization use to create publicity for their upcoming events. Please visit the publicity room page to learn more.

Why isn't my Student Organization Listed?

If your organization is not listed, please email Darlene Piper with the following information:

  • One paragraph describing what the student organization does (mission & purpose)
  • An image, if you would like to include one, that is at least 500 pixels wide of the group
  • Office phone number and location (if any)
  • Regularly scheduled meeting time and location (if you have that information)
  • Student leaders for the upcoming academic year
  • Current advisor