C.O.W. Card Information

The C.O.W. Card will not only serve as the official student I.D. card at The College of Wooster, but it will also access online card readers throughout campus to support a number of administrative functions.

Your C.O.W. Card is:

A Debit Card

Make an initial deposit to open the GET account and use your C.O.W. Card as a convenient payment method to make purchases at various on-campus locations, and participating off-campus merchants.

Start a C.O.W. Card GET account today!

An I.D. Card

The C.O.W. Card is The College of Wooster’s identification card for all students.

A Library Card

The C.O.W. Card features a bar code which is used to check out materials from the college libraries and to borrow materials from other academic libraries.

An Admission Card

When presented at the Physical Education Center and at other campus-sponsored events, the C.O.W. Card will serve as a ticket for admission.

A Dining Card

The C.O.W. Card is used to gain access to Lowry & Kittredge Dining Hall, and allows you to use your “Meal Plan flex dollars” in all dining locations.

An Access Card

For students living on campus, the C.O.W. Card is “swiped” to gain access to all residence halls, and several academic buildings.

An Access for Printing Card

The C.O.W. card gives students access to all public printers/copiers and their printing allocation