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We've received questions about where Wooster stands with regard to high school students who may be disciplined by their schools for participating in class walkouts or other demonstrations. Will those disciplinary actions impact their applications to Wooster? The short answer is no.

Here's a statement from Scott Friedhoff, our vice president for enrollment and college relations:

“At Wooster, we look for students who will not only thrive in our rigorous academic environment but also make this campus a better place. So, far from penalizing them for standing up for what they believe in, we respect and admire them for doing so and hope their efforts to make their country a better place will continue when they begin their college careers.”

Every year since 2002, U.S. News & World Report

has asked college presidents and deans which colleges provide the best undergraduate research opportunities and senior capstone experiences.

Only two have made both lists every year: Wooster and Princeton.

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Wooster is a College That Changes Lives

Colleges That Change Lives by Loren Pope book coverLoren Pope, founder of Colleges That Change Lives, called The College of Wooster "my original best-kept secret in higher education...I can testify that there is no better college in the country...Something important is said about the Wooster experience when more professors and administrators in the Great Lakes Colleges Association [which includes Oberlin, Kenyon, and Denison] send their children to Wooster than to any of the other twelve colleges in that very good consortium."